Let our system work for you

Store your files, collaborate with coworkers, and impress your clients all in one place.

True web-based

No server needed, no software to install, no backup to maintain. Log in from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, including from a smartphone or tablet. We employ a unique, triple security protection from unauthorized login, and customer data are encrypted to protect your data transmissions. We back up every file immediately in the cloud, on four separate servers.


Segment and monitor multiple businesses

  • File away.

    We create virtual filing cabinets, giving you carte blanche to segment your business as you see fit. Whether you have one office or multiple locations, you can set up your files any way you like.

Track payments

A customized transaction log allows you to track all money received in the format you need it for your records. When a payment is made and submitted to the carrier, you can record it here, and provide the customer with a receipt that contains a marketing message from you. Generate reports of all transactions for any time period.


Functionality to the n-th degree

The list keeps going. Here are a few.

  • Track employee activity

    The system automatically monitors and logs every keystroke that your employees make. Even track when users access files.

  • Scan signed documents

    Within seconds, you can load a scanned document to the system via the web, where you can view it from anywhere.

  • Manage marketing campaigns

    Cell numbers and e-mail addresses can easily be pulled up in the system and exported to Excel for your marketing activities.

  • Create follow-ups and todo lists

    No more pend trays and sticky notes! Easily create and calendar any activity that requires follow-up.

  • Download carrier policy information

    Receive daily IVANS and FTP downloads for personal auto, motorcycle and RV at no extra charge!

  • Customize customer file folders

    Up to 15 user-defined fields provide you with the flexibility to customize your customer files to contain the data that you need to organize your operation.

  • Create mailing labels

    Customer address data can easily be exported to Excel and converted to mailing labels in Word.

  • Input policy notes

    Easily create notes that timestamp your policy activity so you always know where you legally stand.

  • Provide receipts

    Your customer not only gets a receipt with your logo and contact information, but you can include a customized marketing message or advertisement.

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